Benefiting from a partnership that works

Posted / 14 August 2017

Mandisa Shiceka Secondary School in Kagiso has transformed itself into a leading township school in Gauteng with a 98.14% matric pass rate in 2016 from about 78% in 2011 - thanks to the partnership between the school and the local hotel group.

The school of 1 850 learners from Grades 8-12 as well as 63 educators participated in the Columba Leadership Program. The Columba Leadership program instills a sense of grit, purpose, determination and 21st century workplace skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, resilience, self-awareness, and leadership
into young leaders through a peer-on-peer leadership model, with the goal of seeing them become self-motivated, work-ready and highly employable. The program core
values are awareness, focus, creativity, integrity,perseverance, and service.

According to Dr VK Joseph, the school’s principal, the program started in 2012 and has instilled positive change at the school. 

“We’re not just getting an excellent matric pass rate as a results of this program, we’re also getting high quality passes with many matriculants achieving bachelor passes.” opined the principal.

The program is part of the many Corporate Social Initiatives that the Tsogo Sun’s Silverstar Casino is involved in. “It is an ideal fit for Tsogo Sun’s CSI focus on
educational development and preparing disadvantaged young people for the working environment,” says Shanda Paine, Tsogo Sun’s Group CSI Manager.

Keletso Thabede (16) is in the Columba program. According to her, the program is providing her with the skills to be responsible leaders for the next generation. “It has helped me to improve my subject marks, confidence and behavior,” says the Grade 11 learner.

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