Changing Young Lives

Posted / 30 September 2021

Meet Mrs. Euphonia Mphahlele, a proud Columba Leadership Values Champion educator at Ruabohlale Secondary School. Passionate about developing and empowering learners in her school, she describes herself as an agent of change and a trailblazer. She shares with us her projects and why she does this.

How people live is of a great concern to me, more especially the learners are coming from the kind of environment where I teach. It concerns me so much so that improving lives has become my heartbeat. I have worked on quite a number of things in my school in a short space of time. Of course, it’s not a one-man show because as a Values Champion coordinator I have a strong support structure. In October 2020 we organised a program called “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” that focused on awareness of Gender-based violence and bullying and shared career guidance and Columba values, with the grade 9 learners. We invited Social workers, the Columba crew, the head of Tshwane North College(Soshanguve campus) to provide support. We also organised the girl learners from grade 9 to 11 for a program that focuses on empowering girls and helping them make healthy choices. The program was conducted by Community Media Trust (Siyayinqoba). We started a program for the grade 8s in our school that focuses on CHANGING BEHAVIOURS. In this program we deal with late coming, assembly, morning studies, feeding scheme, and the cleanliness of the school. As a result, we have noted a tremendous change in the behavior of these learners compared to all other grades we have in the school. I am also involved in working with the social workers of our school to identify and help learners in need, be it physical or psychological. Why I do what I do? I believe that I am not a success without the success of others. I believe that sharing love takes away the pain and sufferings of others, not only by talking but by actions. I believe in lifting others. I believe that every human being has a seed of greatness within, but unless one is motivated and encouraged to look inside. I do what I do because I don’t believe in giving formal education only, but in holistic development. I am motivated by the values that Columba Leadership share. They (Columba) have a way of influencing the decisions and purpose of an individual. I was not always working like this in my school until I attended the academy.

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