Columba leaders Serve other learners!

Posted / 31 March 2020

Understanding that “sharing is caring”, Columba graduates and educators at Winterveldt High School in Gauteng decided to introduce computer lessons for Grade 8 learners. This is part of the school initiative of ensuring computer literacy for all learners. The computer lab, donated by the Telkom Foundation in 2018, has been a great resource to the school. Deputy principal Mokgobo Mokonoto says this lab has been of great help to the school, “Learners can do their school research, grade 12 applications to varsities and bursaries, learners for maths literacy and pure maths can access the apps like Siyavula app to practice.” Mrs. Mokonoto says the lab has also enhanced learners IT skills to the point where they are now confident to tutor their younger peers.

Until now the lab was only used by senior learners to do their coding program, among other things, but with the introduction of this initiative learners from the lower grades will now also get to use the lab with the help of those who excel from upper Grades. Columba graduates have been at the forefront of the tutoring peers and assisting educators. All involved believe that this initiative not only helps the Grade 8 learners to become computer literate but will also help them imagine and choose different careers related to IT, as they get in touch with their aptitude and interest in computers and IT and the many opportunities that are possible.

Winterveldt High School realizes that with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is upon us, computers skills are becoming a key component of a learner’s journey through school. The school appreciates what Telkom has done and continues to do through the computer lab. “The school is technology orientated, future learners will be technology orientated, they won’t have a problem in IT because they will know the basics”, says Mrs Mokonoto.

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