Community Tutor In Alexandra High Schools

Posted / 16 October 2016


‘I was brought up by a single parent in a tough environment in Alexandra township, where I looked up to a gangster as my role model,’ says 22-year-old Sibusiso Molteno. ‘I was recognised as a leader from an early age. Mine was a very in-your face kind of leadership style’. ‘

When I was made president of the Representative Council of Learners at Minerva High School, I took that title very seriously. In fact, when the school principal agreed to have the Columba programme in the school, I decided I would disrupt the programme – but then I was invited to be part of it.’

Sibusiso made the library his best friend, as a sanctuary from the negative influences in his environment. He turned his results around, ending matric with three distinctions and being the second-best student in Alex. He is currently doing third year law at Wits. He spends his weekends, along with a number of other students, tutoring up to 700 high-school learners in Alex. ‘A man’s wealth can be judged by the amount he gives,’ he says.

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