Our Alumni network’s Post school Support

Posted / 30 September 2021

In Grade 12 transition sessions in schools our alumni team share benefits and invite learners to join our national alumni network. The team has created platforms that allow our alumni to connect, engage, share ideas and experiences, access digital resources, and support one another. Columba Talks is our YouTube channel that hosts a number of digital resources for youth. Alumni have been involved in the development of these videos which include CV writing, university applications, and entrepreneurship. The CAN SHOW [ UCzoVgBIAZ¬fO7xlf12Yi_Nig] is our monthly youth-produced and hosted YouTube streaming platform where youth have a chance to engage on a wide range of issues of relevance to them. The show has 460 subscribers and has already touched on a number of important issues from gender-based violence, bullying and overcoming depression, to the return to school after lockdown, being equipped to handle exams, and the transition from school to university. Our 2021 Online Career Day titled Rerouting-Remapping My Journey [https://], attracted interest from 750 people, with 511 ultimately joining from all over the country. The event, open to all young people in and outside of the network, focused: The World of Work, Further Study, and The Intentional Gap Year. The event brought together some of our key partners, the Very Group, Webhelp, and the Moshal Scholarship program, to mention a few, who employ youth and who provide scholarships for tertiary study. Jodi Bailey from Moshal Scholarship program shared what they look for in scholarship applications, while Laura McClain, Senior Operations Manager at The Very Group, shared pointers on starting out one’s career path. Jodi and Laura, together with alumni panellists were able to provide useful guidance on transitioning from school to work or further study and how to use the gap year to ensure successful transitions next year. Columba alumni not only seek to lead change in their own lives and en¬gage in meaningful livelihoods but are also keen to serve society. Our alumni team have engaged alumni around the country on WhatsApp and on Zoom to ensure that this year’s online Alumni National Connect has been youth informed. Scheduled for the 9th of October 2021, the event promises to inspire youth individually and collectively to take action to overcome the odds and bring positive change. The event is titled Breakthrough Performance.

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