Q&A with Tina Magagane

Posted / 03 April 2020

When did you start working with Columba and why?

I joined Columba Leadership in May 2019 and I joined the organisation because I was looking for an organisation that propagates Value-based leadership in young people. I have a strong passion for leadership development in the youth space because I believe young people are the key to creating a pool of ethical leaders in the future, who are not only concerned with their own livelihood but also in uplifting others and creating a society that cares about others and the environment as well.

Any change/growth you have witnessed in yourself and learners owing to the work you do?

I have witnessed myself become more aware of the people and situations around me and in the implementation of the Columba program in schools, I have come to realize how important it is to be in service to others, both in my family, in my work place and in my community. Human beings thrive when their value of serving is alive in them. I have also witnessed educators and learners become more and more interested in the common good and finding creative ways to solve the many issue they are faced with daily in their schools and in their communities.

What would you say is the contribution of the work Columba does to Society/school?

The Columba Leadership program is multi-dimensional, in that it does not only focus on the individual, but also focuses on enhancing collaboration between various individuals and stakeholders in a school set up, and this practice is then cascaded to the external environment to include the community and the various stake holders present in that community. Young people are being exposed to the understanding that two heads are better than one in coming up with solutions, and that the more involved various stakeholders are, the more buy in there is and this presents a higher chance of success.

What keeps you going back to the schools and interacting with learners?

The main thing that keeps me going back is the value that I see the program is adding in the schools. The learners and educators both see me as a support structure for them, as well as a ray of hope that change is possible. The transformation that happens in the school culture in schools I work with is very evident, where I see young people involved in decision making processes in the school, youth engagement and its 4 pillars (Voice, Play, Learn and Service) is becoming more and more evident, as well as youth-adult partnerships that are seen in the various projects that the schools embark on. The progress and transformation I witness in learners and educators alike motivates me and keeps me going.

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