The value of team work and collaboration taking shape at Gabigabi Senior Secondary School .

Posted / 30 April 2018

The different Columba graduate groups at the school have come together to form one main group for greater impact. Gabigabi Columba leaders believe that each one of them can make a difference and together they can make a significant change. They decided to form one group of leaders together with peer educators and RCL members. They initiated two project as a starting point to make this change possible.

Paper recycling project as a form of fundraising for their breakfast project and school garden project.

 The main objective for the garden   project was to plant vegetables and   offer the harvests to the Orphans and   Vulnerable Children (OVCs) to   alleviate poverty. However they   realised that running a school garden   requires not only horticultural   knowledge and skills but teamwork   and collaboration. They acquired   necessary skills the Durban Solid   Waste (DSW) who offered guidance   and network the school to other   stakeholders. The purpose for this is   to  empower OVCs to start their own   garden with their families.

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